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7.12.2010 Ethanol content of petrol will go up at the start of 2011 – New E10 petrol to be introduced into the Finnish market

At the start of 2011, the ethanol content of the 95 octane petrol, the best-selling petrol in Finland, will go up. The increase of the bio-portion in petrol is one of the measures aimed at combating climate change.

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26.5.2010 Launch of E10 petrol planned for 2011 in Finland – New Petrol Suitable for Most Passenger Cars

Combating against the climate change, Finland is determined to increase the share of biofuels in road transport in line with the EU resolutions. As from January 2011, the E10 petrol with up to 10 percent v/v ethanol will be the standard petrol quality in Finland provided that the necessary law reforms are finalized in time.

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