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12.3.2013 12:00

The E10 petrol website has had over two million visitors

The official E10 petrol website was launched in May 2010 and has had over two million visitors and nearly 2.700.000 hits in total up to date. The website maintained by Motiva Oy contains information on E10 in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Most of the visitors use the Finnish language pages but tens of thousands of inquisitive motorists have also visited the Swedish and the English language pages.

The informative E10 website was opened in late May 2010, and the E10 petrol was launched at the start of 2011. The website has been put together by Motiva Oy together with the Finnish automotive and oil industries.

This year, Motiva has launched a new web service in the motor traffic regime named This new website provides versatile information on motor cars and their energy sources.

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