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11.2.2013 13:00

Finnish Petroleum Federation: E10 petrol gained a 55 per cent market share in 2012

The newest statistics by Finnish Petroleum Federation indicate that of all petrol sold in 2012 in Finland, the 95 E10 petrol represented 55 per cent while the 98 E5 petrol represented 45 per cent. In 2011, their shares were 48 and 52 respectively. In Finland, the E10 petrol was introduced on January 1, 2011.

Improved energy efficiency and the general economic slowdown affected the petroleum products consumption in Finland in 2012 and lead to a decrease in total domestic sales from the previous year.

In 2012, sales of motor petrol in Finland totalled 2.1 billion litres, down by slightly over three per cent from the previous year. Over the years, advances in automobile technology have reduced the vehicle specific consumption bringing down the total petrol consumption. Moreover, the current motor vehicle tax system benefits vehicles with low specific consumption.

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