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18.4.2017 12:00

98 E5 petrol to remain on the market in Finland

According to the Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association, 98 octane petrol will remain available to consumers in Finland for as long as there is demand for it. No legislation requires that the product be removed from the market.

There have been misunderstandings on the matter due to media reports on the national programme for a distribution network for alternative transport fuels. The working group's proposal was completed in November 2016, and the Government submitted its bill to Parliament in March 2017.

As from January 2011, the 95 octane petrol in Finland contains up to 10% v/v ethanol while the 98 octane petrol continues to contain up to 5% v/v ethanol. That is the so called pprotection grade meant for engines that are not compatible with 95 E10 petrol.

A Government decree provides that 98 E5 petrol must be commercially available in Finland at least up to the end of year 2018. Even if the obligation for keeping the product on the market was removed, the product will remain on the market for as long as there is demand for it, states the Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association.

The purpose of the decree was to ensure the future availability of 98 octane petrol that contains up to 5% v/v ethanol for consumers whose vehicles require it. If necessary, the distribution obligation that is laid down in the Government decree can also be extended.

The compatibility of a petrol with a vehicle depends both on its octane rating and its ethanol concentration. The vehicle´s octane requirement must be met and the petrol´s ethanol concenration may not be exceed the compability limit. The 95 E10 gasoline is suitable for all new car models available in Finland since 2012, providing that the vehicle does not exceed octane 95.

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