Frequently asked questions

7. Is E10 petrol suitable for use in bi-fuel vehicles? How about flexible fuel vehicles?

A bi-fuel vehicle has two separate fuel tanks, one for petrol and one for compressed natural gas or biogas. The vehicle uses these fuels in turns, as selected by the driver. Equivalent petrol versions are commonly manufactured of bi-fuel vehicles. If the petrol version is cleared for E10 petrol, the equivalent bi-fuel version can in that case also use E10.

Equivalence between vehicle versions means that not only are they identical in make and model but also in manufacturing year and engine type (cylinder capacity and number of cylinders). Their engine powers and vehicle type codes, however, may differ.  If no equivalent petrol version exists, confirmation regarding the E10 compatibility of a car model can be obtained from the authorized dealer or importer of the vehicle.

In cases where the vehicle has been retrofitted to run on gas, its compatibility with E10 petrol must be checked against the original model.

Flexible fuel vehicles have only one fuel tank, and they can run on petrol, on high blend ethanol E85 or on a mixture of both. A flexible fuel vehicle automatically adjusts its fuel system according to the actual fuel in use. E10 petrol is suitable for use in all flexible fuel vehicles either as such or blended with rich blend ethanol E85.

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