Frequently asked questions

5. Is there a fuel sticker in my car indicating which fuels are suitable for it or can I find this information in the Owners Manual?

The owner’s manual of an automobile usually specifies the requirements set for the fuel to be used in the vehicle. Today, owner’s manuals usually require that the petrol used complies with the EN 228 quality standard. Currently all petrol available for automobile meets this standard. The E10 petrol is not necessarily mentioned separately.

In addition to quality, one should pay attention to the octane requirement of the petrol. The 95 E10 petrol quality is compatible with all new passenger cars on sale in Finland as of 2012, provided that the maximum octane requirement of the vehicle is 95.

In addition to the owner’s manual, the fuel suited for the automobile is often indicated near the filler neck, for example, on the inside of the fuel door. If the octane requirement is not indicated in the owner’s manual or on manufacturer’s labels on the automobile, the information can be obtained from one of the manufacturer’s authorized dealers.

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