Frequently asked questions

4. Where can I find out whether E10 and the other new fuels are suitable for my car?

For reliable information it is advisable to turn to the car manufacturer or importer. This website contains information on E10 compatibility with the most popular car makes and models. Reliable compatibility information concerning less common car makes and models can best be obtained from the relevant car dealers and importers.

High ethanol blends of 50-85% v/v ethanol in motor gasoline (E85) are only suitable for use in so called Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFV). Their inbuilt system automatically recognizes the fuel’s ethanol concentration, and adjusts the car’s ignition and fuel systems accordingly. In these vehicles, the fuel systems are made of materials that tolerate high ethanol blends. Information on the FFV feature can be found in the vehicle's documentation. In cases of doubt, do not hesitate to contact the car dealer or importer for detailed information.

Conventional diesel fuel without specific markers is suitable for use in all diesel vehicles. If a diesel fuel is marked to contain remarkable amounts (over 7% v/v) of FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester), its compatibility must be verified primarily from the vehicle’s documentation, and more detailed information must be sought from authorized car dealers and importers, if uncertainties exist. Fuel pumps dispensing this type of diesel fuel carry special markings.

E10 compatible motors

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