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2. How long will the quality 98 E5 with up to 5% v/v ethanol continue to be available?

As from January 2011, the 95 octane petrol in Finland contains up to 10% v/v ethanol while the 98 octane petrol continues to contain up to 5% v/v ethanol. That is the so called protection grade meant for engines that are not compatible with 95 E10 petrol. The protection grade will continue to be available for many years because the Finnish vehicle stock is quite aged.

A Government decree of December 2012 provides that E5 petrol must be commercially available in Finland at least up to the end of year 2018. The decree does not provide that all service stations should supply the E5 petrol as long as it is made available nationwide on an extensive enough scale.

Press Release 18.04.2017: 98 E5 petrol to remain on the market in Finland

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