E10 compatible motors – cars
It is important to note that the compatibility of a petrol with a vehicle depends both on its octane rating and its ethanol concentration. The vehicle’s octane requirement must be met and the petrol’s ethanol concentration may not exceed the compatibility limit.

New cars

The 95E10 gasoline is suitable for all new car models available in Finland since 2012, providing that the vehicle does not exceed octane 95. The octane data is marked in the car manual and at hand by the dealer representing the make.

Compatibility of E10 Petrol with Various Passengers Vehicles 09_04_2018 (pdf) (85.7 KB) (Updated April, 09, 2018, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio has been added.)

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This listing contains comprehensive information on the compatibility of the E10 petrol with various car makes and models. The E10 petrol blend contains up to 10% v/v ethanol. This guide is based on data provided by the members of the Association of Automobile Importers in Finland (Autotuojat ry) and it lists compatible vehicle models and makes imported by the member companies.

The following table summarizes the list of vehicles which are known to be compatible with E10 petrol as their primary fuel in continuous use. The precondition for E10 compatibility always is, however, that the quality of all fuel system parts is equivalent with that of the corresponding original parts.

Information is not available on the compatibility of every single vehicle model and make represented in the current Finnish vehicle stock, for instance of the old and discontinued vehicle models and makes. The general rule is that E10 should not be used in these vehicles. Obviously, the same rule applies to all vehicles which are listed as non-compatible with E10.

If your particular car make or model is not included in the E10 compatibility listing, you are urged to turn to the relevant authorized car dealer or importer for further advice.

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